The designer’s tools

I recently ordered a Website Stencil Kit from UI Stencils. The kit contains a stainless steel stencil and a Zebra pencil. I clearly don’t care about the pencil but the stencil could be useful to draw quick wireframes. Apart from this, I also ordered two Browser Sketch Pads. These drawing pads do look like a browser window, obviously Firefox. The trick is that the stencil matches the scale of the grid on the pad. I must say that I received that package today and did not already used it.

Sometimes changing your habits can help to work in a different and often better way (like not working all the time at the same place).


Website Stencil Kit and Browser Sketch Pad from UI Stencils

Last week I was in a MacLine store (official Apple dealer in Belgium) and I took the opportunity to go to my stationery because I needed supplies. I bought two all new soft cover Moleskine’s plus a set of Artline markers (Drawing System). Those are everyday tools for taking notes, drawing, sketching and wireframing. I use a large plain notebook when I am at the office and a pocket ruled one when I am not in front of my desk.


Soft cover Moleskine’s and Artline markers

Do you have tools/supplies you can’t work without ?

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