Reconsidering Typekit as a sustainable solution

ypography is an important aspect of web design. Some time ago, we rediscovered the joy of real fonts for web thanks to Typekit. It has been made a huge buzz around this web service because the way it works was really new. We got many (…)

Disasters are beautiful

Everybody on the planet heard about the recent Icelandic volcano eruption, the Eyjafjallajökull (btw I can’t pronounce that name). Such disasters are dramatic and have many consequences. But sometimes a disaster may be beautiful. As I am a true photography lover, I had to show (…)

WordPress 3.0 : activer le multi-site

English translation available Si vous utilisez WordPress, il y a fort à parier que vous ayez entendu parler d’une des nouvelles fonctions majeures de la future mise à jour 3.0 : le multi-site. Il s’agit d’une fonctionnalité permettant de mimer avec WordPress ce que faisait (…)

WordPress 3.0 : enable the multisite feature

Traduction française disponible If you use WordPress, chances are that you know about one of the new major features in WordPress 3.0 : the multisite. It’s an option that allows your blog to mimic the behavior of WordPress Mu in a classic WordPress installation, which (…)

The designer’s tools

I recently ordered a Website Stencil Kit from UI Stencils. The kit contains a stainless steel stencil and a Zebra pencil. I clearly don’t care about the pencil but the stencil could be useful to draw quick wireframes. Apart from this, I also ordered two (…)
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