Speed up Adobe CS5 apps launch

After I installed OS X Lion for testing purposes, I had a repeated dialog window asking me to « install Java for CS5ServiceManager to work » : each time I opened a session on my Mac and each time I launched an app from Adobe. Java ? (…)

Tweaking Mac OS X screenshots

Most of Mac users do know how to change the default name of captures taken in OS X, in the Terminal or via Onyx. Just like me, you may want to replace the default « Screenshot » name by something more personal. Plus, since Snow Leopard, a (…)

Make it bounce

This code will animate the .bouncing element. It is done by only using CSS3 properties, i.e. without any JavaScript of course. @-webkit-keyframes bounce { from { -webkit-transform: translate(0,0) } to { -webkit-transform: translate(-10px,0) } } .bouncing { -webkit-animation: bounce .5s ease infinite alternate; } Explanation (…)

Mac Mail.app to copy only the email address

Mail.app is a really good and efficient email client for the Mac. But it has some lacks and annoying nuts. One of those is the fact that since Mac OS X 10.6, when you copy an email address, you also copy the name at the (…)

Safari 5 is ready for border-radius

This is just a quick note about the latest Safari update, version 5. As you may have noticed, Safari 5 now supports the plain border-radius CSS3 property. With Safari 4 and below, you were able to make rounded corner only with the -webkit- prefix. That’s (…)
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