OS X Lion : the hidden Library

If you’re like me and recently installed OS X Lion, you may have noticed that the Library folder is no longer shown in the Finder. It is actually just hidden. Here a three easy tricks to get it back or to access it.

Completely unhide the Library

We do this thanks to the Terminal. Launch it and…

  • Run this command to reveal the Library : chflags nohidden ~/Library/
  • If you want to hide the Library again : chflags hidden ~/Library/

Access with a keystroke

In any Finder window (on the Desktop as well), you just have to hit [Cmd+Shift+G] and type ~/Library/

Access via the Finder menu

Maybe you haven’t noticed it yet but the Finder menu has some extra and hidden entries. Open a Finder window, click on the « Go » menu and press the [Alt] key to reveal the Library.

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