My 2 cents about the WordPress 3.3 post editor

Crédit photo : Tom Marcello

WordPress 3.3 is finally there and it is an awesome release, with lots of nice improvements. If you’re sure about what you’re doing and have a recent backup, I invite you to upgrade asap.

But if you ask me what I think about the revamped post editor in WordPress 3.3, there is something I’d discuss. About the post editor, there is not many visual differences in this release because it’s mostly feature-wise.

Now that we have a nice all-in-one uploader and media button, I don’t think it’s still necessary to have it staying alone above the post editor. Plus, if I follow their [WordPress] « just write » concept, I think it is more disturbing than useful.

So what would I do? I’d remove this upload/media button and place it in… the toolbar. Quite obvious, isn’t it? It’s (just) a tool we can use to embellish the text but it is not the main component of the page.

If I remove this button and its label, the white space (negative space) is too tall but I can’t reduce it because there is still the Visual/HTML toggle on the right. What is this? Oh, it’s a tool. Ok, I’ll place it in the toolbar too. And now I can reduce the white space between the title field and the text editor. Not too much, though, because we have to take care about the permalink that’ll show up after we’ve entered a title. While we’re at it, let’s fade this element a little bit out.

I don’t say that this is perfect and I didn’t spent hours working on it. I just say this may improve the overall UI of the post/page editor and remove some clutter.

Below are some captures and mods about this.

Original post editor
Original post editor + permalink
Modded post editor
Modded post editor + permalink
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